31 July 2014

New Music // The Silence – Again

The Silence are in Manchester, and if you know the city’s Northern Quarter well you well recognise some of the locations in this new video. Yes, we talk not of the rasping monsters from TV’s Doctor Who but the band The Silence from Manchester!

With a hairy monster roaming the streets of Manchester, travelling naturally by bus (like all good monsters really should do, I’m sure you’ll agree!) the pop-punk tinged single Again is quite a cool accompaniment to said journey, bouncing along on an ear worm pitched guitar line and even getting the hairy monster into the music mode as well. Make sure to check out the video for Again on #SRCZ! 

30 July 2014

Music Video // Soil & “Pimp”Sessions -『表nothin' 裏girl』

The ever authentic Japanese Death Jazz purveyors Soil & “Pimp” Sessions are back with a classic slab of Death Jazz fuelled energy in the form of new single nothin' girl.

The single follows the release of their excellently titled career chronology compilation ‘X’ and a collaboration album in the form of Circles. The tag line for the song suggests that ‘the situation is under control… all we know is that informations are manipulated’ (sic) and when it comes to this extremely tight six strong band of alt Jazz players you can be sure the results will be good! The band are a favourite here at #SRCZ and having seen them live at their last UK appearance a few years back can say that they do truly kill in the live setting!

The single is currently available in Japan as a Tower Records exclusive release. 


29 July 2014

Music Video // Neil Cowley Trio – Mission

The very talented Neil Cowley Trio are back with a new and very cool video for song Mission, extracted from their recent album “Touch & Flee”.

The video, created by the very talented duo of Oliver Samuel and Leah Rosanne, sees an antler clad character go on a titular Mission through beautifully evocative landscapes before finally finding herself in a very beautiful place indeed. Clocking in at just less than two and a half minutes the song itself is a reminder of the melodic talent of the Neil Cowley Trio, evocative in a deeper sense of some mission of the soul that burns to be taken. 

27 July 2014

Music Review // The Kut – Make Up E.P.

When we first heard The Kut, we knew that the London based trio were going to be worth keeping a careful ear on. Our patience has been rewarded with the release of the Make Up E.P!

With five tracks of Grunge toned rock to get to grips with, the E.P. is definitely for those who like their music heavy side up. But it’s not all taut chords and riffs designed for muso exclusive appreciation, there is more than a hint of the ease of accessibility to the music you’d want for the release.

In terms of the music, the picks have to be the fantastic Mario, heavy on bass and guitar chords but also heavy on vocal consideration. With a pulsating chorus that catches the listener’s ear with a great ease it’s a great first stop for those new to the band. The other is the previously released single No Trace, still as powerful as when it was first released.

But over the release as a whole, what is most notable is how tight the band are and how easily the music flows from track to track. The band also vary the sound between the songs as well making it not the heavy handed experience some releases suffer from in this particular genre.

Also worth a mention for this reviewer as well is the striking cover art, paraphrasing the metaphor of the album title in a rather nice image of a pair of lips. By adding an extra layer of visual metaphor to the release the music is underscored quite beautifully and proves that grunge can shimmer as well as hide in the darkness. Recommended!

The Make Up E.P. is available from Criminal Records.

(C. Agent) 

New Music // Dog Legs – Toot, Toot, HEY!

Released as part of a very limited edition split release single earlier this , Dog Legs’ most recent single Toot, Toot, HEY is an infectious two minutes of punk-pop fuelled guitar melodies that is so short you have to listen to it all over again.

With the discoverers spirit of the genre in firm place and the music as tight as it could be, this is one song that makes you make to Toot, Toot, Hey! It’s coming out soon on cassette as part of a split EP with Mannequin Pussy and is definitely worth your while in checking out…

26 July 2014

#SRCZ Comment // In Liverpool There Be Giants!

The sound of drums in the distance, coupled with the ever growing numbers of people gathering on the traffic-barren road. Then, in the distance we see the Little Girl Giant making her way along the enraptured crowd as a sea of eyes look upwards when never they would on a normal occasion and cameras and phones click in frenzy. Only one thing is for sure, the Giants are back in town!

When we first witnessed the spectacle of Giants in 2012 we were drawn to them naturally because they were (and are) a spectacle. Their return to Liverpool has caused us to re-evaluate them from ‘mere’ spectacle for the eyes into a more elevated representation of the power that public performances such as this can command.

By anybody’s standards, this year’s parade was enormous in scale and grand in its intentions. Rarely does a performance on this scale succeed in being genuinely eye opening, involving and extremely bizarre at one go. In many ways, it’s one of the odder happenings in the cultural calendar but it’s one that is welcome, bringing something genuinely different to the streets of Liverpool that reflects the value of the arts, creativity and humanity.

There’s nothing wrong with a music festival, in fact we encourage them (and, in the case of some of us, organise and instigate them!) but when you put live music in a moving vehicle and add beautifully made giant puppets that tower over the crowds then it makes all the difference. A music festival rarely gets the crowds seen out watching the Giants today, but a visual spectacle that makes us reconsider our city is a guaranteed draw.

Indeed, it was a difficult journey in perusing the programme to choose just where the optimum Giant viewing spot would be and in the end, it didn’t really matter. After all, they’re Giants and with every step they built up the atmosphere of the city admirably. Although the trio of puppets, the amazing Grandma and the Little Girl Giant and her beloved dog Xolo are from Nantes, a city in Western France, they really did make a home for themselves in Liverpool during their activities.

In sheer terms of ambition, spectacle and creativity the Giants belong in their own class and in bringing street theatre to life on such a grand scale Royal De Luxe deserve very big congratulations. We all know that Liverpool is known for its cultural connections and musical roots and in showcasing the Giants over one action packed, often moving weekend the city is certainly shining a big light on the scale of its ambition and the universal love for performance and music so many of its residents and visitors embrace.

It would be easy to say MORE OF THIS PLEASE, and it’s just been said, but, to pick just one magic moment from many, the sheer power of the Grandma Giant’s appearance along Whitechapel and into Liverpool 1 cannot be understated. The magical combination of rock music and visual spectacle as she wended her way down the packed street was enough to convince anybody that the weekend was a success. A big well done must be aimed at all involved in pulling together an event of such precision, timing, tradition and above all off the wall relevance.

When the trio of Giants sail away down the Mersey on Sunday morning there will almost certainly be many wishing for a return and we wouldn’t bet against it…

(S. Gahan) 

Album Preview // FURTHER –Where Were You Then? 1991 -1997

Released in August via Bad Paintings, ‘Where Were You Then?’ covers the well loved recording of FURTHER, a ‘decidedly West Coast’ indie rock band active from 1991 to 1997.

 Released in multiple formats, including vinyl, digital and CD versions, the album features a choice selection of songs from the band’s releases remastered from the original vinyl. Preview track Generic 7 reveals just how much energy the band possessed and how little has changed in the 17 years since the band broke up.

The indie spirit of mixed down vox hiding behind the frenzied beat but never too far from your attention, frenetic guitar and unparalleled energy is all present and correct and should easily entice the recent nostalgia fans as well as indie fans with an ear for classic music.

The band was made up of brothers Darren and Brent Rademaker, Josh Schwartz and Kevin Fitzgerald and formed in Los Angeles in 1991. Further were connected to Dinosaur Jnr via a friendship with Lou Barlow.

(C. Agent)

25 July 2014

Music Video // HUMAN HAIR – Dinner Date

Human Hair, fresh from releasing their latest album My Life As A Beast & Lowly Form, recently gave us a low budget treat in the form of the brilliantly creepy video for Dinner Date. Directed and produced by Jenny Mills, it sees the band in action on videotape styled film doing what they do best…